The best way to deliver documents

Integration with any IT system in less than 1 hour.

The maintenance costs start from 23€ per month.

Improve communication with your customers and business contacts

Streamline Your Document Delivery Process

Doxplace offers a comprehensive set of features designed to simplify document delivery and improve communication with your customers. With our platform, you can easily send, track, and manage all your important documents in one place. For the first time, advanced IT solutions are within reach of any company.

Key Features

Discover the powerful features that make Doxplace the best way to deliver documents.

Security of Delivery

Ensure that the documents sent have been read by your contacts. Never again will lost invoices cause delays in payments.

Documents always accessible

Documents will always be accessible. Thanks to DoxPlace, you will limit the workload related to back-office tasks.

Improve the company's image.

Improve your company's image with a professional client panel. Ensure a professional and comfortable relationship.

Ultra-fast integration

Thanks to our innovative approach and modern technology, you can quickly and without additional costs integrate DoxPlace's communication center with your IT systems.

Choose the Right Plan for You

Select the pricing plan that suits your needs and start delivering documents more efficiently.
BASIC With our basic plan, you will have access to the main document delivery features of our platform.
23 / month
✔  1GB of storage space.
✔  File number limit: 5000
✔  Document history: 12 months.
✔  Technical support
Contract Basic plan
Unlock the full potential of Doxplace with our pro plan, designed for businesses that require extensive document delivery capabilities.
46 / month
✔  All features of the BASIC plan.
✔  2GB of storage space.
✔  File number limit: 10000
✔  Document history: 2 years.
✔  Subdomain personalization.
✔  Priority technical support.
Contract PRO plan
Advanced Advanced additional features for the most demanding clients. Possibility of enhanced personalization.
115 / month
✔  All features of the PRO plan.
✔  10GB of storage space.
✔  Unlimited number of files.
✔  Document history: 5 years.
✔  Option to use your own domain.
✔  Priority technical support.
✔  Possibility of SMS notifications.
Contract ADVANCED plan

Deliver Documents with Ease

Doxplace provides a seamless and efficient solution for delivering documents to your customers and business contacts. Learn More

Common questions

Here are some of the most common questions that we get.
What is Doxplace? Doxplace is an online platform that allows you to securely deliver documents to your customers and business contacts, improving communication and streamlining the document delivery process.
How does Doxplace work? DoxPlace provides a universal and modern API for document uploads. The recipients will receive a notification and can securely access and download the documents.
Is Doxplace secure? Yes, Doxplace prioritizes the security of your documents. Thanks to an innovative and modern approach, we have developed algorithms that guarantee maximum security without being a nuisance to users.
Can I check if my client has received the document? Yes, at all times you will be able to know the status of the document and whether it has been read by the recipient.
Can my clients access their old documents? Yes, within their online panel, recipients can access all their documents. Thanks to an advanced and intuitive search engine, they can easily find any document.
Is the integration expensive or does it require advanced technical knowledge? No, our interface allows for quick integration with any IT system without the need for advanced computer knowledge. From the beginning, our goal has been to ensure any integration is possible in less than an hour of work. We have achieved it!
Can I customize the appearance of my Doxplace landing page? Yes, you can customize the appearance of your Doxplace landing page to match your brand. You can customize your logo, business information, and even the domain.
What types of documents can I send through Doxplace? You can send various types of documents through Doxplace, including PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, and more.